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Ballantyne Roofing Companies

As one of the leading residential construction companies in Ballantyne, NC, Universal Home Solutions is proud to offer a variety of phenomenal residential construction services that will help you achieve a safer and more durable home. Check out our services below.

Ballantyne NC Roofing

As one of the leading roofing contractors Ballantyne NC, we offer an extensive list of roofing services ranging from inspection to repairs and replacement. Our inspection service is specifically beneficial for real estate agents. With our comprehensive inspection service, we will examine and evaluate the integrity of your roof pre-sale or post-sale. In the event that you hire us for any repairs, we will waive the inspection fee.

Some of our other roof services include repairing all roof system leaks, damages, system failures, surface materials, skylights, and chimneys. We also offer re-roofing, which is the simple process of installing new shingles on top of old ones. Although re-roofing is a more affordable and efficient service than completely replacing a roof, it can only be done once.

Gutters Ballantyne NC

If you’ve lived in Ballantyne for at least a little bit, you most likely know the area experiences a decent amount of inclement weather annually. That being said, it’s important to have strong and durable gutters that will ensure excess water properly flows away from your home’s foundation.

Since it’s important to have the strongest and most durable gutters possible, we offer an extensive list of gutter services that will ensure your gutters are in the best condition possible. Our gutter services include everything from gutter installation, to minor and major gutter repairs and cleaning.

For our gutter installation Ballantyne service, we offer different styles of gutters in various colors. One of our most popular gutter options is our seamless gutters. Our customization process allows you to be hands-on during your gutter installation and choose gutters that truly match your home’s overall aesthetic.

As for our repair services, we are prepared to fix any minor dents or scratches, as well as gutter guards and any other problem you may have with your gutters. Since the most important function of a gutter is to ensure water properly flows, we offer an extensive gutter cleaning Ballantyne service that removes any excess debris or moisture to prevent clogging.

Exterior Wood Repairs in Ballantyne NC

One of the last things we specialize in is exterior wood repairs. Since wood easily rots due to extreme sun exposure and excess moisture, it’s important to maintain and keep it in tip-top condition.

If you’ve owned a home with exterior wood for a long time, it most likely has at least a small area that’s rotten. It’s important to target and repair any rotten areas as soon as possible before the rot spreads. Contact us as soon as you suspect your exterior wood is need of repair so can quickly and efficiently fix it.