Wood Rot Boxing Replacement, Ballantyne, NC

Trust our team to help you determine when a wood rot boxing replacement service is necessary.

Wood is a beautiful natural material that has many uses and applications, especially in the construction world. When a home is built, wood is typically used for framing, a process that creates walls and determines the layout and flow of the space. Another use is to create a deck that supports the roof and provides added protection. As part of the roofing system, the soffit and fascia are created, which are the corners and edges where the roof meets the walls of the structure. These components are often referred to as the boxing of a home, and while they can last for years with proper care, they do eventually require replacement.

Wood Rot Boxing Replacement in Ballantyne, North Carolina

Although wood is a durable material, it is prone to rot, particularly when it is exposed to moisture. Since the boxing on your Ballantyne, North Carolina home faces rainfall, humidity, and other outdoor moisture, it is likely to require replacement due to rot. If you fail to take action when the wood starts to rot, the structural integrity of your home could be at risk. It’s an issue you simply don’t want to worry about, which is why our team at Universal Home Solutions offers wood rot boxing replacement to local clients.

It’s not always easy to know when the structure is due for wood rot boxing replacement. A few warning signs include a darker appearance, softened texture, or splitting or cracking in the wood. Our team can also take a closer look to determine whether wood rot boxing replacement is necessary.

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