Wood Rot Repair, Mint Hill, NC

After resolving the underlying issue, we can tackle wood rot repair to restore your structure.

Wood is a highly utilized material in the residential construction world. Most homes are framed with wood beams, and the roof typically has a wood subfloor or underlay beneath the shingles or other roofing materials. But while wood is a highly durable natural material, it is fairly susceptible to moisture damage, known as wood rot. Other factors can cause wood to rot too, including wood-destroying pests and the sun’s harsh UV rays. Unfortunately, moisture-damaged wood tends to be more appealing to termites and other pests, so it’s crucial to take action at the first sign of wood rot.

Wood Rot Repair in Mint Hill, North Carolina

At Universal Home Solutions, we can perform wood rot repair on homes in and around Mint Hill, North Carolina. We’ll begin the process by performing a thorough inspection of the structure to determine where the wood is rotting and the cause of the issue. Oftentimes, the drainage system is to blame. Poorly functioning gutters and downspouts nearly always lead to moisture problems, which can cause wood components to rot. Before we perform wood rot repair, we want to ensure that the problem won’t continue to happen, so we can install a new drainage system to ensure it performs properly and to prevent future wood rot.

After resolving the underlying issue, we can then tackle wood rot repair to restore your structure. No project is too large or small for us. We provide high-quality work to protect our clients and their homes from the concerning effects of moisture damage and wood rot. Give us a call today to make an appointment.

At Universal Home Solutions, we offer wood rot repair services in Matthews, Ballantyne, Charlotte, Cotswold, Dilworth, Harrisburg, Indian Trail, Marvin, Mint Hill, Monroe, Myers Park, Pineville, South Charlotte, South Park, Waxhaw, Weddington, and Wesley Chapel, North Carolina.