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Roofing Contractors Pineville NC

As one of the leading roofing contractors in Pineville NC, Universal Home Solutions is proud to offer an array of residential roofing services that will ensure your roof is in the best condition possible. Our roofing services range from simple inspections to repairs and re-roofing.

Our roof inspection service is perfect for homeowners who want to check on the durability and functionality of their roof, as well as real estate agents who need to check the status of a roof prior to putting a home on a market. Although we charge a fee for our roof inspections, we will waive it if you decide to hire us to repair any problems we find.

As for our roofing repairs, we fix a variety of elements including vents, pipe stacks, surface materials, and chimneys. Regardless of the extent of your roof repair, we are prepared to adequately fix it in a timely manner. In the event your roof needs a little bit more than a simple repair, we also offer reroofing. The process is quite simple. All we do is install new shingles directly on top of old one. Although it can only be done once, it’s cheaper and easier than completely replacing your current roof.

Gutter Cleaning Pineville NC

Having functional and durable gutters is crucial to the overall status of your home’s foundation. In other words, if your gutters become clogged with debris, water won’t be able to properly flow through them, which means excess moisture could potentially damage your roof and home’s foundation.

That being said, it’s important to regularly clean your gutters. But, sometimes it’s easy to forget or find an adequate amount of time to do so. Let our team of experts do it for you, so you can have peace of mind knowing your gutters are completely clean and functional.

Gutter Repair Pineville NC

Gutter cleaning isn’t the only gutter service we offer. We understand that inclement weather and age can contribute to dents, scratches, and other problems. That’s why we provide a variety of gutter repair services, such as re-pitching, which will ensure your gutters are restored to a condition similar to when they were first installed.

Wood Rotting Repairs in Pineville NC

One of the last residential construction areas we specialize in is wood rotting repairs. Since rotten wood can spread quickly and cause serious issues for your home if not addressed in a timely manner, it’s important to give us a call as soon as you suspect your exterior wood is rotten. Our team of professional contractors are prepared to tackle any surface, regardless of whether it’s natural or composite. For more information about our wood rot repairs or any of our other residential construction services, give us a call today!