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Dealing with the effects of a storm can be frustrating, especially if your property has sustained damage. The Ballantyne, North Carolina area has been hit with storms of varying degrees over the years, and many locals have experienced the challenges that come with property restoration. The roof tends to take the brunt of the damage ,since it’s the first line of defense for a home.

Insurance Claims Specialist in Ballantyne, North Carolina

If your roof has been impacted by a storm, it’s important to bring in an experienced roofing professional to assess the extent of the damage and determine what needs to be done to protect the interior from ongoing issues. Even a minor section of damage to the roof can allow moisture to seep through and get into your living space, destroying just about anything in its path and increasing the risk of mold growth.

Another issue that comes with roofing damage is a drop in energy efficiency, which means heated and cooled air can escape through the damaged sections. This impacts your monthly energy bills and the indoor comfort level within your space.

The thought of paying for roofing services out of pocket can be overwhelming, but your property insurance should cover the costs associated with repairing the damage caused by a storm. At Universal Home Solutions, we’re a trusted provider of roofing services and have insurance claims specialists on our team.

Our insurance claims specialists can work with your insurance on your behalf to find out what they’ll cover, giving you peace of mind when we start working on your roof. Contact us to learn more about what we offer and how an insurance claims specialist can support you.

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