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Know the condition of your roof with our comprehensive roof inspections.

As a homeowner, getting regular roof inspections is an important part of maintaining your property. They help ensure that your roof is in good condition and allow you to detect and resolve minor problems before they become significant issues. At Universal Home Solutions, we provide comprehensive “boots on the roof” inspections in Mint Hill, North Carolina.

Roof Inspections in Mint Hill, North Carolina

Our comprehensive roof inspections are a great resource for home buyers and sellers alike, as well as those who simply want to get a good idea of the condition of their roof. Instead of relying on a purely visual inspection done from the ground, we’ll examine your roof up close and provide a detailed report of our findings once we’re done. Our reports cover everything from the unique pitch of your roof to drainage characteristics, as well as notes on the materials, age, and condition.

An added benefit of trusting us to complete your roof inspections is that if we do find an issue, we can help you resolve it. A home inspector might be able to identify problem areas, but they likely won’t be able to do anything to help you rectify them. We have over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry, so you can rely on us to provide superior roof inspections and handle any repairs or replacements you may need.

Reach out to us today to learn more about what to expect during one of our roof inspections or for additional information on the services we provide.

At Universal Home Solutions, we offer roof inspections in Matthews, Ballantyne, Charlotte, Cotswold, Dilworth, Harrisburg, Indian Trail, Marvin, Mint Hill, Monroe, Myers Park, Pineville, South Charlotte, South Park, Waxhaw, Weddington, and Wesley Chapel, North Carolina.